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    The New Penguin Russian Course
    by Nicholas J. Brown
    List Price: $14.95
    Our Price: $11.96
    You Save: $2.99 (20%)
    Paperback - 514 pages, December 1996, Penguin USA, ISBN: 0140120416, dimensions (in inches): 0.82 x 7.70 x 5.02
    A complete book to learn Russian with sound grammar instruction and exercises.
    The Oxford Russian Dictionary : Russian-English English-Russian
    List Price: $55.00
    Our Price: $38.50
    You Save: $16.50 (30%)
    Hardcover - 1340 pages, revised edition, March 1998, Oxford Univ Press, ISBN: 0198601530, dimensions (in inches): 2.51 x 10.55 x 7.92
    The Oxford Russian Dictionary is the most complete dictionary used by academia and researchers.
    Fodor's Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev (1997)
    by Christopher Billy (Editor)
    List Price: $19.00
    Our Price: $15.20
    You Save: $3.80 (20%)
    Paperback - 288 pages, 3rd edition, April 1997, ISBN: 0679034013, dimensions (in inches): 0.79 x 9.02 x 5.01
    This travel guide contains all neccessary and updated information to visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev including detailed walking tours of each city's neighborhoods, museums, monuments, the cultural scene - from jazz clubs to the Bolshoi. Contains indexes: Where to stay and eat, no matter what your budget (Modern high-rises, palatial grande dames, soviet fortresses, and youth hostels, No frills cafés, restored 18th-century mansions, and ethnic and foreign dining rooms) 22 pages of maps, vacation itineraries, a list of Important Contacts A to Z and Smart Travel Tips.
    and for our Russian Railway Lovers, we can especially recommend
    Trans-Siberian Handbook
    by Bryn Thomas, Athol Yates and Tatyana Pozar-Burgar
    List Price: $17.95
    Our Price: $14.36
    You Save: $3.59 (20%)
    Paperback - 416 pages, 4th edition, February 1998, Seven Hills Book Distributors, ISBN: 187375616X, dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 7.04 x 4.80 This an all new edition of the Trans-Siberian Guide, the bible to a successful journey. The book includes planning tips practical information of every major city along the rail, list of youth hostel, ticket offices, consulates, etc.
    Russia by Rail (Bradt Guides)
    by Athol Yates
    List Price: $18.95
    Our Price: $15.16
    You Save: $3.79 (20%)
    Paperback (November 1996), ISBN: 0762700084, dimensions (in inches): 1.05 x 8.44 x 5.29 This practical guide is for the independent traveller who whishes to explore the countries of the former Soviet Union. Contains lists of hostels, restaurants, sights and maps of location of train stations of every major Russian city. Also includes practical tips to buy tickets and make reservations.
    How to Eat Out in Russia
    by Mario Caramitti
    List Price: $6.95
    Our Price: $5.56
    You Save: $1.39 (20%)
    Paperback, 192 pages (August 1997), Gremese Editore, ISBN: 8873011039, dimensions (in inches): 0.48 x 5.69 x 4.08 This is the survival guide in Russia that helps you understand menu and the Russian cuisine and gives you plenty of tips how to eat out in all major cities of Russia. However, keep in mind, that the number rule in a restaurant is rather to ask what they offer, since menu cards are usually nothing more but long decorative lists of meals that they wouldn't have that day.

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