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  • St.Petersburg-Lake Baikal, March 9-24
  • Moscow-Beijing, August 4-25

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    Non-stop one-way from Moscow to Beijing (USD per person)

    CLASS First class
    2-bed compartment
    First class
    2-bed compartment
    Second class
    4-bed compartment
    Second class
    4-bed compartment
    SEASON Nov-Apr May-Oct Nov-Apr May-Oct
    Train 4 760 780 520 540
    Train 20 740 760 500 520

    The package includes

    • Transfer from the airport/train station to the hotel
    • 2 nights at Hotel Universitetskaya (sgl/dbl rooms with separate toilet and shower)
    • Welcome Vodka
    • Metro and bus tickets for 2 days to explore the city of Moscow
    • Transfer to the train station in Moscow
    • Train ticket Moscow - Beijing in chosen class
    A discount of 20% is available for groups with 10 or more participants.

    mail us for reservations


    If you just want to get the tickets, here is a choice of different routes. If you want to make a journey Moscow--Ulan Bator-Beijing, you need to buy the tickets Moscow-Ulan Bator, Ulan Bator-Beijing. If you buy the ticket Moscow-Beijing, there is no stop possible in between. Currently, we do not sell any tickets Westbound (i.e. from Beijing to Moscow).

    Please check also the VISA requirements and cost for invitation letters.

    PRICES PER PERSON - one-way (prices valid until April 2001, subject to change afterwards)

    2. cl = bed in 4-bed compartment1. cl = bed in 2-bed compartment

    All prices in USDtrains2. cl1. cl
    Moscow - Novosibirsk N 2, 10190330
    Moscow - Irkutsk N 2, 10 200350
    Moscow - Vladivostok N 2300440
    Moscow - Ulan Bator N 4, 6 260340
    Moscow - Beijing N 4300500
    Moscow - Beijing N 20 320520
    Irkutsk - Ulan Bator N 6, 264 100140
    Irkutsk - Beijing N 4180270
    Irkutsk - Beijing N 20200290
    Ulan Bator - Beijing N 4150240

    mail us for reservations

    TRAIN TIMETABLES (subject to change)

    On this timetable departure day of the week means departure from the first station mentioned. The number before the time is the sequence of days on the train. For example: train number 4 leaves on Tuesdays from Moscow at 23.42 and arrives in Beijing on the following Monday at 15.33, after 7661 km of travel. The train schedule with all stops are indicated if you click on the URLs.

    Please note that in Russia railway timetables are indicated in Moscow time and that the railway station clocks run also on Moscow time. This can be quite confusing as the Trans-Siberian Railway runs through 7 time-zones.


    TRAIN dep. day N 4 TUE N 6 WED, THU N 264 daily N 20 FRI N 10 (odd dates) N 2 (odd dates) N 24 THU
    Moscow1. 23.421. 23.42-1. 22.561. 21.591. 15.26-
    Novosibirsk 3. 21.55 3. 21.55 - 3. 21.17 3. 21.00 3. 14.48 -
    Irkutsk 5. 03.21 5. 03.21 1. 15.10 5. 03.11 5. 03.04 4. 21.25 -
    Khabarovsk - - - - - 7. 09.39 -
    Vladivostok - - - - - 7. 23.53 -
    Ulan Bator 6. 08.15 6. 08.15 3. 06.20 - - - 1. 09.30
    Beijing 7. 15.33 - -8. 05.30--2. 15.33

    A number of convenient train connections between Moscow and St.Petersburg are available. We recommend to buy these tickets at the train station (more instructions). If you wish, we can also book tickets for you. Prices are different for each train and vary also in different seasons (between 20-50 USD).


    The local time zones along the Trans-Siberian railway are ahead of Moscow time as follow:

    • Novosibirsk + 4 hours
    • Irkutsk, Ulan Bator, Beijing + 5 hours
    • Khabarovsk, Vladivostok + 7 hours


    Bedding is not included in the price of tickets for sleeping compartments. The bedding fee of around $2-$3 must be paid directly to the conductor. On long train journeys you may be given opportunity to receive fresh bedding only one time at the beginning of the trip.

    Train tickets with destinations within Russia can only be issued 30 days in advance. Reservations on such tickets can be made before, but physically, the tickets can only be bought 30 days in advance. For international travel (e.g. tickets from Moscow to Beijing), the period is 45 days.

    For this reason, we cannot send tickets in advance. You will receive the tickets from our office in Moscow or our representative in Ulan Bator (e.g. for tickets Ulan Batar to Beijing)


    Flight days flt no dep / arr price
    Irkutsk - Moscow dailySU-132W09.05 / 10.15USD 390
    Novosibirsk - Moscowdaily SU-72206.05 / 07.30 USD 315
    Khabarovsk - Moscow dailySU-72415.15 / 16.30USD 475
    Vladivostok - Moscowdaily SU-00811.40 / 14.00USD 610
    Ulan Bator - Moscow1SU-56412.00 / 14.50USD 460
    Beijing - Moscow2 4 5 6 SU-57215.50 / 20.40USD 400
    Beijing - Zurich2 4 5 7SR-19913.55 / 18.15USD 750
    Beijing - Frankfurtall daysLH-72110.25 / 14.30USD 720

    Check also our pages with more flight connections from Moscow airports and our airfaires from the US to Russia. For groups travelling along the Trans-Siberian railroad, we can also organize flights originating from Europe (e.g. Zurich-Moscow, Beijing-Zurich with Swissair).

    City packages for your individual stay in Russia

    MOSCOW, Russia - Our Recommended Individual City Package

    Hotels (Price in USD / night)singledouble
    Izmailovo-Delta Hotel 2 starsUSD 45USD 50
    Hotel Belgrade 2 starsUSD 60USD 80
    Hotel Universitetskaya 2 starsUSD 35USD 45
    Hotel Rossia 3 starsUSD 60USD 80
    Hotel Metropol 5 starsUSD 350USD 400

    Package does include:

    • Accommodation in chosen hotel
    • Welcome Vodka at Moscow State University - one of the sights to see in Moscow !

    Not included is:

    • Transfers with private car upon arrival (airport/train station - hotel): USD 40 (up to 3 people)
    • Transfers with private car upon departure (hotel - airport/train station): USD 40 (up to 3 people)

    mail us for reservations

    IRKUTSK, Russia - Our Recommended Individual City Package

    Hotels Price in USD / Person2 nights + 1 night
    Angara Hotel, 3+ starsUSD 200USD 60
    Hotel 'Microsurgery Center'2 starsUSD 140USD 40
    Hotel Iris, 2 starsUSD 140USD 40
    Minimum 2 Persons

    Package Price Includes:

    • Transfers upon arrival and departure
    • Accommodation in chosen hotel in double room
    • Breakfast

    mail us for reservations

    LAKE BAIKAL, Russia - Our Recommended Individual Package

    Hotels Price in USD / Person3 nights + 1 night
    Bolshie Koty USD 150USD 40

    Package Price Includes:

    • Accommodation in the guest house of Prof. Maximov, director of the institute of limnology at Lake Baikal, beautifully located at the baikal shore in Bolshie Koty, a small village near Listwjanka.
    • Visit to ancient gold mines near Bolshie Koty
    • Full board (breakfast and two meals)
    • Russian Banja
    • Introduction to 'natural way of living at Lake Baikal'
    Transportation from and to Bolshie Koty is not included (by hydrofoil 90 min from Irkutsk port, twice a day in Summer)

    For groups (4-12 persons) we can arrange rental of houses (e.g. USD 10 per person per day) at the Baikal lake.

    Ulan Bator, MONGOLIA- Our Recommended Individual City Package

    Hotels - Price in USD / Person2 nights + 1 night
    Bayangol Hotel, 3 starsUSD 220USD 96
    Yourt hotel, TereljUSD 180USD 60
    Minimum 2 Persons

    Package Price Includes:

    • Transfers upon arrival and departure
    • Accommodation in chosen hotel in double room incl. breakfast
    • Sightseeing tours: City Tour, Natural History Museum, Folklore Show, Gandan Monastery, Bogd Khaan Palace (afternoon-evening on 1st day of arrival)

      Stay in Yourt hotel includes also the transportation to Terelj, some 30 km from Ulan Bator

    mail us for reservations

    BEIJING, CHINA - Our Recommended Individual City Package

    HOTELS PRICE in USD / day per room (max. 2 Persons)double room, per night
    Hotel Asiavision - 3 starsUSD 60
    Excursions (Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City) can be arranged for groups upon request. Above price includes accommodation only.

    mail us for reservations


    HOTELS All Prices in USDsingle roomdouble room
    Hotel Universitetskaya 3545
    Hotel Izmailovo4550
    Hotel Belgrad6080
    Hotel Rossia6080
    Hotel Intourist90110
    Hotel Metropol350400
    Homestay incl. breakfast2540
    'Microsurgery Center'4060
    Hotel Angara60100
    Hotel Intourist80120
    Hotel Intourist100120
    Hotel Vladivostok120160
    Hotel Asiavision-60

    Additionally, the following charges apply for simple hotel reservations (not for packages):

    mail us for reservations

    VISA for Travelling in Russia, Mongolia and China

    We can provide you with a Russian visa for maximum 12 months. Just let us know your preferred dates and places you would like to visit by email. If you would just like to just get a Russian visa without booking any travel, please use our online visa application form.

    Mongolia and China
    Travellers who stop in Mongolia need a Mongolian visa. For China, you will get the visa without invitation at your local consulate with our confirmation of bookings. Depending on whether you would like to travel individually and continue your stay without booking in advance, you may need to have an additional invitation from China (max. 3 months).

    Useful books and electronic products

    As an affiliate of, we can offer a collection of travel guides in our bookstore that we can highly recommend. A must for all Trans-Siberian travellers is the Trans-Siberian Handbook.

    And finally, make sure you visit our tips and tricks page for some useful travel information about Russia and your stay in Moscow.

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