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Winterprogram Moscow 2003 - Group Russian language and culture program

Sun January 5, 2003 - Sat January 26, 2003, Moscow State University

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Moscow State University Campus

Snow in Moscow

Metro map of Moscow

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Map of downtown Moscow

Together with Moscow State University and the Russian Language Center, we are happy to announce a special 3-week Russian language and culture program. Arrival in Moscow is on Sun January 5, 2003. Departure from Moscow Fri January 25, 2003 or Sat January 26, 2003.

The course will be in groups of maximal 8 persons each with a total of 20 lessons per week (4 academic hours a day for 5 days). Emphasise is on getting to know the basics of the Russian language and culture. No prior knowledge of Russian is required eventhough familiarity with the cyrillic alphabet will help.

Lectures will be given by Russian language instructors and leading University professors and include topics such as

  • Basics of Spoken Russian
  • Russian Winter Festivals
  • Traditional Russian Cuisine
  • Russia's Social and Economic Situation

The following will be included in the price:

  • Home stay with carefully selected Russian family incl. breakfast.
  • Traditional celebration of Christmas (January 7) and New Year Old Style (January 13 and 14) in a Russian family
  • Welcome Vodka party
  • Traditional Russian dinner in a restaurant
  • Tour of Moscow State University, Russia's leading education establishment
  • Walking tour of the historic Center of Moscow incl. visit of Kremlin
  • Visit to Kolomenskoye, the national museum-estate featuring history, architecture, arts, and scenic natural environment
  • Textbooks and Reference Materials
  • Student ID allowing for numerious student discounts nationwide
  • Map of Moscow
  • Certificate of attendance
  • A surprise souvenir
For application, please use our Application Form and select "group course", "homestay accommodation" and the above dates. You can also contact us by email if you have further questions. The total price including transfers from and to the airport and visa support and all the program package described above is USD for this program is USD 1180.

Excursions to Petersburg and the Golden ring are organized on weekends:

  1. Excursion to St. Petersburg (2 days, Visit of the The Hermitage Museum, Pushkin and Pavlovsk, including a folklore concert in Nikolayevsky Palace)
  2. Excursion to the ancient Russian cities of the Golden Ring: Vladimir, Suzdal and Sergiyev Posad (2 days)

    City tours include:
    - Railway tickets and Bus transfers
    - Accommodation in middle class hotel
    - 2 meals a day
    - Sightseeing program
    - A ride on a horse-drawn sledge (in Suzdal)

    The cost will depend on the number of participants and is approx. USD 200 per person.

    If you wish to continue your journey on the Trans-Siberian, we are happy to help you organize an unforgettable trip. Check our individual or group tours on the Trans-Siberian.

    Transsiberian train
    Winter Trans-Siberian train
    1st class compartment in the Transsiberian
    1st class sleeper on Trans-Siberian

Moscow State University


Small church in Suzdal


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